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Foundation. When a foundation is built properly, you can place just about anything imaginable on top of it. But before you can build those golden stairs leading into the clouds, you absolutely must, without question, lay the foundation. The last month and a half for us has been about just this. My brothers from ¡MAYDAY! and I have been laying the groundwork for the upcoming album releasing late this summer. The first few weeks have been a bit of a head scratcher.

Where do we go from here? After two albums and one ep released through Strange Music, after a collaboration album with Murs, after producing a top 10 radio single for Tech N9ne. What is it that we want to say now? What new things that we've picked up along the way do we want to implement into our sound? Where do we eat dinner tonight? Also, who wants to split on a twelve pack? These are just some of the questions that haunt our dreams during the first few weeks of album development.

This time around we have a number of things being juggled at the same time. A solo Bernz' ep, a full length album from Gianni, and our most ambitious solo tour schedule to date. This adds a bit more pressure onto the process of album creation. But even in moments of pure insanity when we feel the walls caving in on us, we keep our rituals intact and pull together a cohesive vision.

As I write this, we have our concept and title for the album mapped out and we now have about 3 quarters of the music done. Now we enter the final phase of recording which will then take us into cutting the fat away, and fine tuning the concrete material. This last part of the process is where the "championship rounds" take place.

I think what has been the most difficult this time around is that we are finally coming to terms with the fact that are band has evolved. We've had some members take a few steps back from the group (both in our live show and the studio) and we've had members take up bigger roles in the music making than they had before. As the ground has been shifting below us for the past couple years, we've been silently fighting to keep the essence of our group together and still produce the level of quality music people have come to know us for.

It has been anything but easy but I gotta say that since that shift has been happening, whether it be "Believers", "Fragile", or the "Mursday" album, I been incredibly lucky to work with the people involved in ¡MAYDAY!. Die hard just doesn't really sum up the level of dedication in our grind. So even in moments of pure unadulterated frustration when I think I may never make another good piece of music again (dramatic i know), something always brings me back to center at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure it's the fact that we always put our entire souls into this music and at the end of the day it shows.

I look forward to sharing this next project with you and everything else we have in store for you during 2015. Thanks for riding with us.


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