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Into The Further

(Released May 2017)

Listening to Wrekonize is like sitting down to have a beer with an old friend.

While longtime fans of the 33-year-old British-born emcee can rattle off Wrek’s bag of tricks—double time flows, soulful hooks, a unique musicality, and musicianship—his work as a songwriter is where the Miami native truly shines and it’s as a songwriter that Wrekonize consistently triumphs on his newly-released album, Into The Further.  

From front to back, Into The Further is completely Wrek. There is a grand total of zero features on the album. Let that sink in. Not only is his Strange Music boss one of the biggest names in indie hip-hop, but just about every Strange album feels like a family reunion or backyard roster-only blunt session. But no features means no artistic compromises and no holds barred.

Into The Further finds Wrekonize at his most relatable, and stands as his most complete and strongest release as a solo artist to date. (May 2017)

Sunny Winter 2

(Released January 2016)

The War Within

   (Released June 2013)

Throughout The War Within, Wrekonize provides dope rhymes, substance, and even successfully strays away from the standard Hip Hop formula with offerings such as “Can't Be Alone”. The features are varied, appropriate when used (including solid performances by Posdnuos and Bun B on “Church Road” and “Easy Money” respectively), and Wrek never appears overmatched. At a time when many artists are flocking toward the same dozen beatsmits, Wrek chose production that is both different while still complimenting his flows and subject matter. A couple of great songs would have made this a near-classic album, but in the current climate of subpar rhymes, excessive useless features, and musical experiments gone wrong, an overall superior effort filled for the most part with good music is to be appreciated nonetheless. (June 2013)

 The Rooftops Mix Tape

   (Released January 2013)

Presented by ¡MAYDAY! (Wrek's live-band hip-hop crew) and Burn One, The Rooftops Mixtape is the final installment in the artist's Waiting Room trilogy, following previous tapes The Waiting Room and Elevator Music. The the 22-track set features guest appearances by Bernz, Blueprint, J NICS, Joell Ortiz, Rittz, Rudi Goblen and Ryan Evans, and packs original production from Achilles, DJ Burn One, Matt Harris and Outer Space Eddie. The Rooftops Mixtape will act as the lead up to Wrekonize's forthcoming solo album, The War Within, set for release this summer via Strange Music. (January 2013)

 A Soiree For Skeptics

   (Released August 201o)

I can’t even hide the fact that I am in love with the music on A Soiree For Skeptics. Everything screams, ‘classic’ about this album. Wrekonize is a unique talent. His soul and his passion for music just shine thru. But so much to making good music is more than just having talent. There are a lot of emcees that can flow and have amazing lyrics but what Wrekonize can do where others have fallen short is making a GREAT song. As a matter of fact he made at least sixteen of them on this release. Wrekonize is not a one trick pony and A Soiree For Skeptics will demand your attention more than once. Classic material in a day and age where that really means something. (January 2013)

 Elevator Music 

   (Released April 2007)

Local MC Wrekonize has recently dropped his latest mixtape, Elevator Music, and it's so far one of the strongest hip-hop releases of the year. That's not exclusive to independent artists, as the tracks onElevator Music are solid enough to compete with anything put out by a major record label as well. While most artists use mixtapes strictly to advertise their product or as a home for unfinished album material, Wrek cleverly combines original tracks, some hilarious skits, and rewind-the-tape wordplay, making Elevator Music flow smoothly.  Even though it's just a mixtape, Elevator Music is an impressive display of the talents Wrekonize is still eager to unleash on a full LP.


-Broward New Times (April 2007)

 The Waiting Room Mix Tape 

   (Released March 2006)

Wrek's a kid from Hollywood signed to Miami's Southbeat label, still working on his first official release. He already made waves by winning MTV's MC Battle of Champions in 2003, but his underground mixtapes prove that he's a master of both stage improv and studio songwriting. With a midtempo, confident cadence clearly informed by the Native Tongues clique, broad vocabulary, and twisted wit. There's a ton of powerful, thought-provoking stuff here, the antithesis of the "Laffy Taffy" rap currently gumming up the airwaves. There might be a backpacker backlash right now, but that won't last long. Hip-hop is a fickle bitch, and Lord knows it could use a makeover. Hopefully she won't keep Wrekonize — and the rest of us — waiting too long.


-Broward New Times (April 2006)

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