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THROWBACK: Solar Eclipse (2003)

Been hearing the words Solar Eclipse all day and subconsciously had this specific melody looping in my head. For half the day I couldn't remember where this melody was from but it felt so familiar. Then it hit me! It was the hook melody from the song Solar Eclipse I wrote 14 years ago back in 2003 for The Breathe Demo that I worked on with Nick Fury.

I always like looking back at my old work. It's the best way to see how far you've progressed and also to keep your modern day self in check by not forgetting things you set in motion years ago. This was recorded when I was 20 years old just shortly before I won the MTV emcee battle.

You can hear the youth in my voice and lyrics on this one. Although the lyrics and sound of my voice seem dated now, I always loved this hook. The music and the lyrics always struck a chord with me.

Take a stroll down memory lane with me and before tomorrow comes steal some sunshine from the Solar Eclipse.

Also Featured on Youtube.


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