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SNOWFALL Video out now!

Directed & Edited by DadFilmedIt

Director of Photography AHumanErrorGuru

Practical Effects by Jaime "Jimmy Gold" Naar

Special Thanks to: Lindy & Paul Reed | Micheal Melody Ada Gisselle, Corben, & Calvin Milller

Executive Producers: Gianelli Saucedo Amanda “StrangeBittch” Dunfee Vinoj Suthakaran Dennis & Brandy Daley Denis Gagne Robert Rossow Ryan Nay Tyler & Brianna Salinas Kris Carabajal Kimberly Martinez Adria Katt Pearls Josh Emerson Kat Wil Patrick Beauchamp Seth roach Hector Lerena Amanda & Brandon Mullin Jay & Krizia Randy Caton Micheal and Michelle Scalzo-Lockwood Patrick Hubbard Russ Jones Christine Ramirez Pablo Schred Alexis Valenzuela Latasha Mayhew The Dude Abides Dillon Shackelford Tyson Ernst Nightingale Misty Marie Howe Space Bug Katie Oestreich Corey Blackfox Aries Coty Trout


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