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Weekly Inspiration 2-8-16


I just cracked this Amy Winehouse collection vinyl box set to kick the week off. Super dope packaging and wax spanning an inspirational career cut waaaaay too early. I'm both amazed and angry when I listen to Amy now. But such is life. I'm thankful for the music she was able to leave us with before she went to the next plane.

Well, plans were made to be changed. I've now also been given the excellent opportunity to release an EP on Strange Music later this year. Somehow, someway, i'm already almost finished with it. Since we leave for the Independent Powerhouse Tour 2016 at the end of March, I must have the project completed before then. As i type this, i'm thinking that is going to actually happen. Once that's done, i can return my focus to my next full length project. I'm excited for you to hear the greatness that Bernz is cooking up and to ride out on another adventure with me. After all this studio ratting, it's also going to be great to see you all out on the road. Hope your year has been kicking off right and our music has been the right soundtrack for the right moments in early 2016. Much love and more to come...



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